English Spelling Ability Improvement through Pop Art and Drill


action research
pop art book
spelling drill

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Alera, E., Paraon, R. J., Vergara, C., Adonis, M., & Fernandez, M. E. (2022). English Spelling Ability Improvement through Pop Art and Drill. Southeast Asian Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, 2, 57–75. Retrieved from https://sajaas.basc.edu.ph/index.php/sajaas/article/view/16


This action research employed a sequential explanatory mixed-methods strategy to explore the influence of pop art and live spelling drill as learning interventions in the spelling ability of Grade 2 pupils in a single class of a public elementary school. This spelling ability is considered one of the least learned competencies of the pupils based on the diagnostic test and the teacher’s classroom-level English assessment. The respondents were grade 2 pupils who agreed to attend the face-to-face classes during the third and fourth quarters of the school year 2021-2022 wherein the parents, through the mandate of the Department of Education had the option to send their children to school and attend onsite classes. A validated, researcher-made pop-up book was utilized as a learning material partnered with a live spelling drill was concurrently used to enhance the spelling ability of the participants. The pop-up books were distributed to the participants’ parents and taught to them by the parents themselves as supplementary materials. It was revealed in the pre and post-tests that the average scores of the participants exhibited a significant difference. The mean score in the written spelling activity in the post-test is higher (M=6.00, SD=1.10) than in the pre-test (M=2.05, SD=1.29) t(19) = -14.83 (p=0.001). This finding was further strengthened by the feedback obtained from the parents of the pupils who were interviewed after the intervention implementation. Among the themes of the intervention include the increased interest of the pupils in the spelling practice at home, increased vocabulary, and enjoyment of using the pop art materials.